Track the rate of bookings with the real time booking monitor

Track your bookings on a surprisingly fast web administration panel

A responsive and snappy bookings administration panel to track your appointments from the cloud

Login from anywhere in the word and have all your booking data at your fingertips. There is nothing to install. All updates happen silently in the background.

There is nothing more fascinating than watching your bookings coming in. It means that your online marketing campaigns finally have started paying off and people actually book your services online. There are two important metrics that you can monitor with your booking administrator. A tablet computer loaded with a website that shows the booking administration panel. Image by The first is the rate of people opening the booking dialog, which is important because it lets you know whether you've placed your "book now" button in a prominent position. Make the button or link as prominent as possible and give your customers plenty of chances to find it.

The other metric is the book-through-rate. It lets you know how many people actually booked in. There are plenty of variables that you can tweak so that you can keep the booking rate high. One important observation is that the less information you require from customers the more likely it is for them to place a booking.

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