Instructors get business from word of mouth and the web. Either way, the business has to make sure to get pupils on board.

BookingDialog is the all in one solution; it deals with bookings, reminders, and professional driving instructor invoices.

I can't pick up the phone while instructing.

How does bookingDialog accelerate my ADI school?

It converts website visitors to customers with a strong call to action. Pupils book their lessons through your website and you get a confirmation to your phone, iPad, or computer . Your pupils can find the best time for their lesson without having to ring you on the phone.

bookingDialog is a special button you put on your page. The button is designed to

  • grab attention
  • interest the visitor
  • build desire
and make him take action. That is, book a lesson online.

I have many website visitors but they don't take action

This is probably because there isn't a way to funnel visitors into your business. The next generation of customers prefer to click on a button rather go into complicated phone-calls. bookingDialog provides a strong call to action; pupils book your free slots from your webpage directly. The best thing is that it is available 24/7, even when you are on the road.

I have no website, can I still use it for Groupon or KGB deals?

Yes, we'll provide you with a link that sends visitors straight into your special bookingDialog page. You can use this link for any local deals page and accept bookings simultaneously.

How easy is it to integrate bookingDialog?

You simply copy and paste a snipped to your webpage, or we'll do it for you. You can still take bookings if you have no webpage at all.

I am not technical, can you please sort me out?

Yes, simply give us a ring on the number on the top of this page and we'll do the rest for you at no extra cost.

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