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We'll make your booking interface match your website's colour theme

BookingDialog is great for developers and web-designers alike. It's real strength is the integration service offered by the bookingDialog integration team. We'll integrate your booking dialog for free.

How many websites have you visited and noticed that their booker is completely out of place? The reason this happens is because visitors are redirected to a different webpage or the booker has a strong branding identity that doesn't match your website's colour theme. Two macs. One showing website with closed booking inteface and one showing website with open booking interface. Image created with Not so with bookingDialog. To us, it is important that the booking software fits seamlessly into your website and has a natural feel to it. It is designed so that it doesn't break your page. Most importantly, it adapts to your site colours like a chameleon. You may wonder what high-tech wizardry is behind this: we have a web integration team that matches the booking software colours to your website. That's how dedicated we are to our customers.

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