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Get your pupils to book for their driving lessons online 24x7, turn web visitors into pupils, connect with your pupils, eliminate no-shows, send email offers, print invoices.

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Take appointments online 24x7 through your website. Pupils can book your available times when its convenient for them.

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Reduce No-Shows

Once your pupils make an online booking they receive an SMS booking confirmation instantly.

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Connect with Customers

Maintain your customer database and easily communicate to your customers.

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Driving booking software - £20 / month

Our driving school booking software allows your pupils to book for their lessons online rather than on the phone. In this way, your pupils can make online bookings 24x7 at their convenience. Once a booking is placed you are notified instantly.

Your website is interfaced to the realtime online booking software for driving schools (bookingDialog) which shows all your available lessons. Your customers can then choose an available lesson and place a booking. See an example online appointment calendar in action.

Online bookings are becoming the norm for each business and in particular for driving schools - statistics show that around 85% of learners are between 17 and 25 years old. This age group is accustomed to online services.

Most of our clients say that our driving school appointment software has allowed them to concentrate more on teaching their pupils and at the same time receiving new bookings automatically through bookingDialog.

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