Schedule and send TEXT reminders to mobile phones

We'll remind you when reminders need to be sent out

Your customers will get free TEXT or email reminders.

Setup your reminder text and send it to customers who agreed on your reminder service. With bookingDialog, you don't pay extra for text messages.

"Hi, this is Jim from London Fast MOT centre; your MOT is about to expire. Hope to see you soon." This is just an example of one of the great ways to use SMS reminders. Reminders are an absolutely free service you provide to your customers, which keeps them happy and prompts them to come back. Reminders are easy to set up; when a service is due, bookingDialog schedules a reminder to be sent out.

1. Set up a reminder

Sarah is scheduled to be reminded for her next appointment.

2. SMS is stored in cloud

Reminder details are stored in the cloud and once Sarah's appointment is due a reminder (SMS and email) is sent to Sarah.

3. SMS received

Our statistics indicate that 95% of customers who receive reminders from their service providers do return for the service.

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