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What is bookingDialog?

bookingDialog is an easy to use yet powerful appointment system that has two fronts: one front is integrated into your webpage and allows your customers to access your calendar in real-time. This means they can book your free slots online. The other front, the admin, is for you to administer bookings and appointments. The admin allows you to complete a number of functionalities such as adding bookings, generating invoices and scheduling reminders. BookingDialog is modern and lives in the cloud. There is no software to install and updates happen silently in the background.

How does it work?

We provide you with a code snippet that you embed in your website. The concept is similar to embedding a map or a video into your page. The snippet is attached to your "Book now" image button or "Click here to make a booking" link. BookingDialog opens automatically when your visitors click the booking button.

Two tablets showing a webpage in which one shows it without the ebmeded booking software and one shows the same but with the active booking dialog.  Image created with breezi.placeit.com

In the example above, the code snippet is attached to various links of the site. This is a great opportunity to convert visitors to customers.

Shouldn't it be called booking dialogue instead of booking dialog?

It's a spelling with a twist. A hotel booking dialogue is the conversation between one or more parties about booking a hotel-room. On the other hand, a dialog is a software user interface design concept. You know a couple of these interfaces already. One is the print file dialog, another is the open file dialog and now there is another one, the bookingDialog!

I know bookingDialog from my local MOT station. Is it suitable from my business?

BookingDialog lives in the cloud and adapts easily to your needs. We have been working with GP's, Driving Instructors, Freight Forwarders, Holiday Package bookings, Taxi Firms, Cottages, Beauty Salons, Tutors and many more businesses. Contact us to see how we can help.

You don't seem to have a booker for my type of business. Do you build custom booking systems?

We understand that when it comes to booking systems and appointment software then it's difficult to build a one-size-fits-them-all solution. Your ski-resort may have different requirements or some similarities to a swimming pool booking system and it's always this one little feature that's missing or doesn't quite fit in. Over the years, we have learned quite a bit about custom booking systems and we do build bespoke appointment scheduling software indeed. Usually, these are a tweak of what we have already and that's why they won't cost you the earth. Contact us and ask our developers for a bespoke solution.

I don't want to pay commission on each booking.

Deal, you won't! You are not charged extra for any booking you receive nor do we charge your customers.

Is there a contract?

No. Our packages are offered on a month-to-month basis. There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at anytime.

Do I need to be located in the United Kingdom?

You don't have to be; however, the appointment scheduling software and support is optimised for audiences and customers located in the United Kingdom. Some functionalities, such as TEXT messaging, may not work if you are located outside the European Union.

Do I need bookingDialog?

Undoubtedly Yes! Online bookings are becoming the norm while phone bookings are decreasing. This is evident in flight bookings, holiday bookings, hotel bookings, and vehicle workshop bookings.

With a simple button, bookingDialog will transform your website from an over-sized business card into a commercial website that accepts instant online bookings. BookingDialog takes your customer relationship to another level.

Do you offer Skype support sessions?

Absolutely. Simply click the skype button on the header of this page and we'll add you to our contact list. Make sure to have your mic (and camera if you like) properly setup.

Will bookingDialog replace my existing website?

No. bookingDialog integrates into your existing webpage and feels like a native part of your website. It doesn't send your customers to a different location.

I haven't got a website, how can I use bookingDialog?

No problem, we'll get our web-designers to build a website for you at a special price. We'll then integrate bookingDialog for you. Simply call us on the number shown on the header or email us at info@bookingdialog.com.

I don't want a website. Can I take bookings from Groupon, KGB deals, etc?

Yes, we'll provide you with a special link that you can use in local deal sites so that your clients can reach your bookingDialog directly. You can take bookings from different local deal sites simultaneously.

I have a web page but my designer is long gone.

No problem. Simply give us the information about where and how your site is stored. We'll do the rest for you.

I am not technical, will you integrate it for me?

All there is to do is to copy and paste a code snipped. If you are not technical at all we'll do it for you. You will talk to real computer professionals who understand your situation and will help you until your website becomes supercharged with bookingDialog.

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Shops have carts. Service providers have bookingDialog.

Grab attention, build desire, make customers take strong action.

Visitors Convert To Customers With One Click

Many websites of service providers are nothing more than super-sized business cards; there is nothing that creates instant value for you.

Let's compare a website of a service provider with one of an online shop. In an online shop the most prominent button is the check-out button.

The most prominent button on your website should be a book now button. When customers land to your website, bookingDialog will provide them with a preview of your 'appointment book' which shows free slots as well as booked ones. Your customers can then select a free slot to book for your services. In otherwords, your website funnels customers into your business.
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