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Automate appointment scheduling for your beauty salon. Try our simple, no frills online salon appointment software.

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Generate appointments 24x7, turn web visitors into clients, maintain your client base, connect with your customers, eliminate no-shows, send email offers, print invoices.

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Take appointments online 24x7 through your website. Customers can book your available times when its convenient for them.

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Reduce No-Shows

Once your customers make an appointment they receive an SMS booking confirmation instantly.

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Connect with Customers

Maintain your customer database and easily communicate your product / treatment offers to all your customers.

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Salon appointment software - 25/month

Our beauty salon appointment software allows your customers to schedule appointments through your website 24x7. Typically, a customer will find your website on the internet and click on a special booknow button to access your real-time appointment calendar.

Your website is interfaced to the realtime online scheduling software (bookingDialog) which shows all the available times. Your customers can then choose an available time and place a booking. See an example online appointment calendar in action.

It is a known fact that an increasing number of people are using online services to complete various transactions and in particular booking online. Therefore appointment systems are becoming more of a necessity for every business.

Our online salon appointment software does not replace your existing telephone appointments but complements it. bookingDialog frees you from the daily tasks of taking telephone appointments by phone.

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