Website Design with Bespoke Booking Software

Get a bespoke booking software from the industry experts. If there isn't an appointment system off the shelf then we'll build one.

Engineer takes specifications for custom online booking system. The engineer writes the implentation plan on a board.

Custom booker design

Customise our booking software and put it on your own web design. Supercharge your business with a custom appointment software.

We build bespoke solutions for industrial websites and applications. If your business is unique then an off the shelf booking software won't cut it. Let's talk to the bookingDialog experts and get a bespoke online booking interface.

Custom booking site

Like this one, but this one is not for sale. Neither will be yours

Your domain name

We'll get you a new one or use your existing one. Email is included.

Stock photos

We'll get professional photography licences for your booking page

Booking button

Take live bookings, the way you like it.

  • Get bookings for your very own business requirements
  • Block and unblock slots as you wish
  • Take online payments using your own payment merchant
  • Let us put the booker in strategic places to maximise profit

If you need a custom booking system, ranging from estate agent viewing bookings to sophisticated booking engines for holiday flights and hotels, then bookingDialog experts are here to help

Custom reports

Let customers get booking details in PDF format
Full web page screenshot of a customer that has a custom booking software.

It's not just a simple web page design.
It's a front end to bookingDialog, the sophisticated booking solution.

Let us get you a custom design and a custom booking interface. When one size doesn't fit all then the bespoke solution from bookingDialog are your ideal choice.

Customise everything

Tell us what it should look like. Tell us what information you want to collect. With our bespoke booking services you can take bookings for just about anything.

Image of a bespoke website design, in this case a minicab service, inside a mobile phone. Image created with

Give us your booking specification

All we need is to sit down and take your requirements down. That is, what service do you want your customers to book? How much information do you need to collect? How do we show availabilities? Do customers need to pay in advance?

Our engineers can start immediately once all your information is on our whiteboard.

A taxi booking interface where a list of points of interest is displayed for the customer to book

Custom report design

With your custom booking app, you'll get the unique opportunity to make unique and insightful use of the data gathered from online appointments. Do you have any custom reports you need to print out? Let us design your PDF reports to your specification.

A copy of an invoice, ready to printed out from within the browser.

Keep all your data in one place

We'll connect your booking front end to our powerful bookingDialog administration interface. It lets you have all booking information you'll need at your fingertips.

Booking administrator inerface front page. It show bookings that came through for MOTs Taxis etc.

Use your data and connect to your customers

Your bookings are strongly related to your marketing strategy. Marketing to your existing userbase is one of the most powerful marketing strategies there is. Our experts can guide you through your options for making the best use of your gathered data.

A mobile phone showing a TEXT booking confirmation received by someonw who booked a minicab. It shows the date and time of the appointment . Image by
This is how it works
First draft in 2 weeks
An icon with a calendar representing an appointment calendar

We take your specification and iterate through the process until your website design is ready and then we integrate the bookingDialog. It's your specification after all.

Local UK Support

You will have landline and mobile phone access to your UK based support team. We don't charge extra money if the information on you website needs to change.

Pay monthly instalments - No contracts
booking system money back guarantee badge

We are sure that our bookingDialog plus web design service is a good fit for your business. If you are not happy with us and if you forgot to un-subscribe from our service on time we will give you back the full amount back the last monthly instalment you paid (Solo and Pro versions only). No questions asked.

Do you need only the bookingDialog?
  • Custom booking dialog
  • We'll integrate the custom booker into your own website design
  • Continuous support
  • Plans with unlimited SMS
  • Transparent costs
  • Monthly payment plans
  • No contracts
  • Cancel any time

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