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bookingDialog is an easy to use yet powerful system that has two fronts: one front is integrated into your webpage and allows your customers to access your appointment calendar in real-time. This means they can book your free appointment slots online without going to a different website.

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Customer Management

The other front, the admin, allows you to review bookings and generate invoices using the collected data.

SMS Reminders and Marketing

bookingDialog takes care of your marketing. Every customer in the system can receive service reminders and updates straight into their mobile phone.

No Software to install

BookingDialog is modern and lives in the cloud. There is no software to install and updates happen silently in the background. It takes care of all your appointment booking needs. We provide you with a code snippet that you embed in your website. If you are not technical then give us a ring on 020 3289 7855.

Attach the code snippet to various links of the site and give more chances to the visitor to open bookingDialog. It's simple as that, whether you are a wordpress booking software developer or want to simply include a booking system with jquery / javascript. This is a great opportunity to convert visitors to customers by simply allowing online bookings.

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Every day more and more UK companies use our appointment system as well as our bespoke booking engines.